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    MAXESS is a joint access point for industry to the large-scale research infrastructures MAX IV, ESS, DESY, and the associated networks.

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    Construction Materials

    Converting non-reactive biomass ash into environmentally friendly cement

    Renotech OY

    Renotech Oy from Finland has developed a concept where biomass ash can be transformed into cement. Thermogravimetric analysis and synchrotron X-ray diffraction were combined to identify the best ash modification from their pilot biomass combustion unit.

    Pharma and Biotechnology

    Investigating tablets

    Jan 2022 - Sep 2022

    Magle Chemoswed explored the concentrations of polymorphs in with the help of X-ray powder diffraction both in lab-scale equipment and at DanMAX Beamline at MAX IV. The results where both interesting both for this specific active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) and as a comparison between lab-equipment and MAX IVs capabilities. The experiment was made through guided access provided by MAXESS and SmiLe Incubator.

    Pharma and Biotechnology

    Finding drug candidates faster

    SARomics Biostructures AB
    Nov 2018 - Nov 2019

    SARomics Biostructures in collaboration with the BioMAX beamline’s scientists successfully tested the feasibility of serial crystallography at MAX IV. The advent of the first fourth-generation synchrotron pioneered by MAX IV finally makes serial crystallography more easily accessible to private companies. Crystals for drug development SARomics Biostructures is a contract research organization (CRO) offering structural biology services in the field of early-stage drug discovery. One of […]