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    The electron storage ring PETRA III, located at the DESY Campus in Hamburg, Germany, is the world’s brightest 3rd generation synchrotron radiation source. Regularly over 3000 users a year come to one of the 25 beamlines to progress research from life sciences to material sciences. The X-rays from PETRA III are some of the most brilliant accessible worldwide and are constantly used by academic and industrial researchers.

    DESY Photon scientists and experts execute and coordinate science with photons and offer industrial users the best possible experimental conditions for the solution of a wide range of problems and tasks – spanning from material sciences to life science and biotechnology. Our services range from feasibility studies, the preparation and execution of measurements to specific data evaluation. Industry access to the brilliant synchrotron light of PETRA III is possible in several ways:

    • Direct proprietary access with the option of free-of-charge feasibility studies and discounts for longer-term agreements or publications
    • Joint research projects together with DESY or associated research partners
    • Access through academic partners based on proposals with strong scientific or socio-economic impact

    For more information please visit or contact