Find a research partner or other support function connected to the large scale research facilities, ESS & MAX IV. If you are not ready or not sure what you are looking for start here.
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    How it works

    Depending on your needs and previous experience with neutron scattering and X-ray techniques you can chose a couple of different approaches. Three of them are listed below.

    – I want to know how ESS & MAX IV can help my business 🎯

    Neutrons and X-rays are powerful tools that can be applied to solve various industrial problems in many different areas.

    There are many ways to start working with advanced synchrotron and neutron techniques to improve industrial processes and products. RnD-partners and consultants are available to help you with experiment design, use of the techniques and post-experiment analysis.

    • Join one of the networks focused on your sector list
    • Use the Find partner-page to search for partners with expertise in your sector.
    • Read up on the techniques and good practices here.

    – I want an RnD partner 🤝

    In the ecosystem surrounding the facilities there is a network of experts that can help you solve your problems.

    Use the MAXESS-partner search tool to find your collaboration partner. Click here for a list of potential Research partners.

    – I need beamtime 💁🏻

    Industrial beamtime access is facilitated by the industry offices at the facilities. Maxess currently has five facilities providing beamtime in its catalogue. Click here for a full list of Instruments and Beamlines

    • MAX IV Industrial Relations Office here (contact)
    • European Spallation Source user office

    If you want to browse specific instruments go to “Find partner” and use the instrument filtering.