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Division of Solid Mechanics


The research at the Division of Solid Mechanics – part of the Faculty of Engineering at Lund University in Lund – is focused on constitutive modelling, nonlinear numerical methods, biomechanics and fracture mechanics. Numerical methods like the finite element method serve as the research's base. Topics like thermodynamics, localization, plasticity/viscoplasticty and high-cycle fatigue have been considered. We are gradually focussing more on large strain plasticity and texture development with applications, for instance, within fiber-mechanics.

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Offer / Action

Contact us for research projects and collaborations within constitutive modelling and computational mechanics. For example, recrystallization, multi-scale modelling, phase transformations, electroactive polymers, experimental mechanics, structural optimisation, and packaging materials, using research methods such as X-ray and neutron tomography and diffraction, digital image correlation and analysis, ultrasonic and acoustic methods, etc.