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RISE 3D Imaging – X-ray tomography service



X-ray tomography is very attractive since the relation between macroscopic properties and the micro-structure of a material is very frequently required. The RISE microtomograph (Xradia MicroXCT-200) offers a maximal resolution of ~1 µm at a field-of-view of 1 mm. Maximal sample dimensions are 100 mm diameter, 150 mm height and 1 kg weight. We have a dedicated in-situ tensile/compression tester for samples with up to 20 mm width/diameter, allowing about 10 mm travel. We can also construct custom in-situ setups based on specific needs and perform time-resolved experiments.
In addition, we can offer access to other laboratory instruments throughout Sweden. Some analyses cannot be performed in lab scale, and part of RISE’s mission is to simplify the process of accessing large-scale research facilities where these can be undertaken.

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Offer / Action

Non-destructive 3D structural characterization of materials using lab-based X-ray microtomography. We can also offer help with visualization, in-situ mechanical testing and quantitative analysis. Please feel free to contact us for a free consultation on how we can analyse your material.