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Laboratory & Lab instruments

3D X-ray microtomography at LTU

Luleå University of Technology


X-ray microtomography (XMT) enables 3D in-situ imaging and characterization of materials, including minerals, rocks, metals, composites and wood, with sub-micron resolution. From the acquired 3D data it is possible to make a quantitative characterization of internal features such as porosity, cracks, grains, fibers etc., as well as determine material deformation and strain.

Aeronautics and Automotive, Bio-based materials and polymers, Chemistry and Catalysis, Construction Materials, Cultural Heritage, Electronics, Energy Applications, Environmental Engineering and Recycling, Food and Agriculture, Industrial production and Manufacturing, Medtech - Biomedical engineering, Metallurgy and Mining, Nanotechnology and Nanomaterials, Pharma and Biotechnology, Surfaces and Interfaces

Offer / Action

Contact us for:
– Collaboration projects (joint applications and publications…)
– Commercial access, industry and business (confidential results, no publications)
– Different combinations of the above (for example: industrial assignments where the results can be published…)


Fredrik Forsberg
Lab coordinator
+46 920 493085