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Large-scale Infrastructure

Advanced and Applied X-ray absorption spectroscopy beamlines P64 & P65

DESY, Hamburg


The two beamlines Advanced and Applied X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy (XAS) P64/P65 are both dedicated to spectroscopic methods, but specialized for different applications. X-ray absorption spectroscopy is used in various research fields, see some examples below:

Physics: Mixed-valence compounds
Chemistry: Catalysis and
Biology: Local environment of active metallic center
Environmental sciences: Fate and state of metallic contaminations
Arts: Composition and aging of paints
Sustainability: Energy materials

To complement each other, the beamlines have a different focus. The Advanced XAS beamline P64 offers high flux synchrotron radiation, enabling research on highly diluted samples. Methods available at P64 include extended X-ray absorption fine structure of highly diluted systems or thin films (EXAFS), quick EXAFS (QEXAFS) with temporal resolution between 20-100 ms and dispersive fluorescence X-ray emission spectrometry in von-Hamos geometry (RXES).

P65 is designed to provide beamtime for the type of applications that use X-ray absorption fine structure spectroscopy (XAFS) as an analytical method. It is designed to have a stable, robust and easy to handle standard operating procedures for inexperienced users.

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