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MAX IV Laboratory


The Bloch beamline is dedicated to high resolution photoelectron spectroscopy, encompassing angle-resolved (ARPES), spin resolved (spin-ARPES) and core-level spectroscopy. The beamline offers photon energies with controllable polarization spanning UV to soft X-ray (10-1000eV). The beamline is optimised for energies below 220eV, where all the ARPES, Spin-ARPES measurements and shallow high resolution core level spectroscopy are performed. One of the salient features of the beamline is its spot size at the sample position, which is about 10umx40um.
Branchline 1 has an end station dedicated to high-performance ARPES experiments, ideal for mapping energy dispersions and Fermi surfaces.
Branchline 2 will be dedicated to spin-resolved ARPES measurements. Endstation is currently in the commissioning phase.

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