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Center for X-rays in Swedish Materials Science (CeXS)

Stockholm and Linköping


CeXS hosts the Swedish Materials Science beamlines, P21.1 and P21.2, which are located at PETRAIII, DESY in Hamburg, Germany. CeXS engages existing and new users of PETRAIII in community activities. Activities address common interests at PETRA III, such as the development of experimental environments and training. CeXS therefore organises both theoretical and practical training to new and experienced synchrotron users - also from companies. Training topics range from measurement theory and data analysis to practical use of experimental environments. Training and events occur either at the beamlines or in Sweden. CeXS undertakes such activities, and also safeguards Swedish interests at DESY, on behalf of The Swedish Research Council (VR). VR commissioned the building of the Swedish Material Science beamlines as well as privileged access to PETRAIII for researchers affiliated to Sweden.

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Offer / Action

Contact us for introductory workshops on high energy X-ray measurements at synchrotrons – we also designing training programmes tailored to organisations’ needs.

Contact us to find suitable project partners to make better use of the Swedish material science beamline – as well as help analyse your beamline data.

Contact us for development of experimental environments that can enable more effective measurements or first time measurements.