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Centre for Advanced Steels Research

University of Oulu
Oulu, Finland


The Centre for Advance Steels Research (CASR) is centre of expertise focusing on the chemical, mechanical, and physical metallurgy and physics of steels, including control and information, and first principles modelling. CASR covers ca. 100 researchers from several research groups and faculties at University of Oulu and Lappeenranta-Lahti University of Technology. In its research CASR covers the whole chain from raw materials to mechanical properties of steel and fabrication of final products, i.e. process control, process and physical metallurgy based design and prediction of chemical compositions, microstructures, the rolling stage, fabrication methods and design in workshops, and finally modelling the relationships between huge industrial processing data and the properties of novel steel grades. 
For industrial partners CASR provides an easy access to the multidisciplinary research of the University of Oulu. CASR offers also access to state-of-the-art research infrastructure such as thermomechanical simulators, laboratory rolling mills, glow discharge optical emission spectrometer, microhardness testers, tensile and fatigue testing machines, light microscopes, equipment for thermal and high temperature reactions analysis, and reduction metallurgy, etc. CASR has access to Center of Materials Analysis at University of Oulu offering STEM, FE-SEM-EDS-EBSD, GDOES, XPS, XRD, FIB, etc. CASR provides expertise in using synchrotron radiation (XRD, XANES/NEXAFS/EXAFS, XPS, APXPS, PEEM, etc.) in steel research. The research portfolio at CASR is aimed at providing fundamental and applied research, innovations and education.  

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