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Centre for Neutron Scattering

Uppsala University
Uppsala University


The centre holds expertise in most main areas of the application of neutrons particularly, diffraction, small-angle scattering (SAS), reflectometry and spectroscopy. Applications include chemistry, biosciences, soft matter, materials and magnetism. Excellent workshop and design facilities are available to build necessary equipment for samples. The centre also has access to equipment for preliminary SAXS and reflectometry experiments prior to use of synchrotron or neutron facilities. There are a range of relevant specialist sample environments as well as expertise in analysis of SAS, reflectometry data, GISAS, neutron spin-echo amongst others. In this area the centre integrates the use of X-ray and neutron methods.
The centre actively develops the use of neutron scattering for research at the University and to increase the relevant expertise. Agreements are in place with a number of facilities that enable ready access.

Bio-based materials and polymers | Chemistry and Catalysis | Construction Materials | See more tags

Offer / Action

Open for new academic and industry partners, research projects, research networks. Contact us for research projects, collaborations and consultations including sample preparation and analysis of small-angle scattering and reflectometry data, GISAS, and NSE.

Specifically, we can help with:

  • Discussions about how neutron scattering can be used in your research;
  • Provision of training and teaching for new users;
  • Supply information about access and use of neutron scattering facilities;
  • Co-ordination of applications for external funding.