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Lund University
Lund University


Today imaging generates vast amounts of data and there is a need for expert support for processing, analysis, and visualization. To help researchers with this challenge, CIPA provides support for data acquired from, for example, microscopy, vibrational spectroscopy, X-ray and neutron imaging, PET/CT and MRI, 2D/3D as well as SONAR and RADAR. CIPA provides tools and expertise, including spectroscopy preprocessing, dimensionality reduction, segmentation, anomaly detection, machine learning, AI, and quantitative analysis.

In addition to serving users in the local ecosystem at and around Lund University, CIPA is also the coordinating hub at Lund University of the Swedish national Research Infrastructure for data visualization, InfraVis.


Aeronautics and Automotive | Bio-based materials and polymers | Chemistry and Catalysis | See more tags

Offer / Action

CIPA offers consultations on image data processing and access to standardized and user-friendly tools and systems for remote access as well as development of new tools, algorithms, and pipelines for data analysis to both academia and industry, within and outside of Sweden. CIPA also offers access to computer workstations and software for, for example, cryoEM data analysis.

Consultations are provided for free; support is subject to a user-fee.

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