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Corrosion Science – Jinshan Pan



Degradation of metal materials, e.g., stainless steels, Al alloys, Ni and Co base alloys, are crucial for their stability in applications. Corrosion is a material degradation caused by interaction between the metal and the exposed environment. Chemical and electrochemical reactions taking place at the metal-environment interface determine the corrosion rate, and mechanical factors may have a strong influence. In collaboration with synchrotron experts, we utilize state-of-the-art synchrotron techniques, especially X-ray diffraction and photoemission techniques to characterize the structure and chemical composition of the surface layer of the materials, and to study the chemical and electrochemical reactions involved in the corrosion processes. In particular, we make significant efforts to combine electrochemical techniques with synchrotron techniques for in-situ and operando analyses of the dynamic process of the formation and breakdown of so-called “passive film” on different alloys.

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