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We are experts in chemistry which we apply in industrial settings. We work with pharmaceutical industry, with Med Tech, house hold and personal care, ingredients and much more. Our way of combining the scientific method with business understanding and knowledge impact is highly appreciated. Our core technical expertise is in the area of structure-performance relationship i.e. using methods such as XRPD, SAXS/WAXS, diffusion- and solid state NMR, surface characterization methods such as ellipsometry, QCM-D and AFM, ESEM and electrochemistry.

Why people chose us is because we are flexible, understanding, align our processes with our clients, pragmatic, directional and fun.
Testimonials from global giants as well as start-ups from 2005.

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Offer / Action

We offer B2B projects where we aim to solve your problem by its root cause or take the next step towards your dream. To do so, we work together to learn more about your product, ingredients and/or processes. This approach is holistic and yet very structured. If a piece of the puzzle comes from knowing something where we need new data – we make that study for you. If you want to do it, we help you design it and interpret the results within your context. If complimentary techniques to MAX IV and ESS are needed, we have a large possibility to perform the study for you as experts in the majority of techniques used within the colloidal domain. As a part of the offer or stand-alone, we have consultation by the hour and tailored seminars targeted to your specific situation and needs.