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Division of Materials Engineering


Engineering of novel primarily metallic materials with hierarchical structures architected from nano to micro to meso and macro scales. Present research projects are focused on:
(i) design of Magnesium alloys for biomedical and light-weight mobility applications as well as unravelling the effects of texture, grain and precipitate structures on structural properties along with (bio-)degradation performance;
(ii) understanding mechanics and optimising multi-scale architected structures with topological control of their heterogeneity, e.g. ‘harmonic-structure’ materials; and
(iii) development of correlative multi-modal characterisation techniques including in situ X-ray and neutron imaging, diffraction (scattering) and spectroscopy as well as laboratory-scale electron microscopy and mechanical testing combined with in situ optical microscopy and acoustic emission monitoring.

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Open for new academic and industry partners, research projects, research network.

Contact me for research projects, collaborations and consultations including sample preparation and correlative analysis using optical and electron microscopy, thermal analysis and mechanical testing.