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Consultation & CRO

Finden Ltd

Harwell, Oxfordshire, UK


Helping businesses across sectors to develop and improve their products and processes.

Finden apply the most appropriate and leading methods for the clients problems. As well as offering conventional measurement and analysis our clients can obtain take advantage of unique measurement services capable of giving unprecedented insight into their systems.

We work with clients on a one-to-one basis and assign experts from a pool of exceptional technicians and researchers to meet the needs of the project. We provide timely measurement services to order or advise on and implement measurement strategies for short or long term projects and research programmes.

Aeronautics and Automotive | Bio-based materials and polymers | Chemistry and Catalysis | See more tags

Offer / Action

Finden works directly with clients on short commissioned projects and is also actively engaged in long-term research collaborations with clients and partners worldwide to provide high-level insights into complex chemical and material systems. We are adept in a range of conventional laboratory based characterisation methods, and are experts in the design, implementation and data interpretation of synchrotron and neutron experiments. Finden are world leaders in the development of X-ray diffraction computed tomography and its use to image and identify structure-activity relationships within functional materials and devices (e.g. batteries, catalytic reactors), from ex situ through to operando measurements.

We possess extensive expertise in developing and implementing cutting-edge deep learning approaches, which we offer as commercial services. Our proficiency extends to various applications, including object detection, super resolution, spectral analysis, and data denoising.

Goal 9 - Industry, innovation and infastructure
Goal 11 - Sustainable cities and communities