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MAX IV Laboratory


The FlexPES (Flexible PhotoElectron Spectroscopy) beamline caters for the experimental needs of both Surface/Material Science and Low Density Matter user communities offering the possibility to perform a variety of photoemission and soft X-ray absorption experiments in the photon energy range 40 – 1500 eV. The two-branch configuration ensures maximum flexibility where up to four endstations can be accommodated on the two branches of the beamline simultaneously, and each of these endstations can avail of different focusing conditions. The end stations offer a diverse range of experimental techniques, detectors and sample handling facilities and can be used with a variety of sample delivery systems.
The permanent UHV end station on the SMS branch is dedicated to photoelectron and x-ray absorption spectroscopy studies on surfaces and thin films.
The permanent endstation at the Low Density Matter branch is dedicated to photoelectron and x-ray absorption spectroscopy studies on separate atoms and molecules, cluster beams, liquid beams, surfaces, and thin films.

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Offer / Action

Buy beamtime at FlexPES by contacting MAX IV industry office.

Apply for open access beamtime through the Digital User Office.

Join a research or development project with the FlexPES team – contact Alexei Preobrajenski.


Magnus Larsson
Head of Industrial Relations
+46-725-546 309