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Smile Incubator

Medicon Village, Lund


SmiLe Incubator is a partner to the MAXESS Industry Arena and will be functioning as a steppingstone environment for Life Science SMEs into large infrastructures as MaxIV and ESS. SmiLe is an entry point that will help small and medium size life science companies by guiding them through the process and connect them with appropriate mediators.

SmiLe is engaged in a regional EU project at MAXESS Industry arena with the goal to further strengthen Life Science companies access to #MAXIV, #ESS and equivalent European research infrastructures.

SmiLe Incubator also has a Core Facility of laboratories available for complementary studies. Our laboratories aimed at drug discovery and diagnostics research have a wide range of infrastructure ranging from cellabs, through microscopy and protein production to chemical analysis. The laboratories are described at SmiLe Incubators webpage.

Medtech - Biomedical engineering | Pharma and Biotechnology

Offer / Action

We provide guided access to large scale research infrastructure in collaboration with MAXESS Industry arena. Contact us if you want to learn more about how you can utilize the european research capacity to improve on your processes and products.