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Lund University


Project period; 2019-2022. If interested in more information about the project please contact HALOS Kajsa M. Paulsson (contact details below). HALOS facilitated educational initiatives, workshops, as well as provided funding and routes for the life science sector to take full advantage of the unique research infrastructures: MAX IV, ESS, and DESY, European XFEL. Researchers from both industry and academia were through HALOS introduced to the infrastructures. With the world class and highly complementary research facilities in HALOS unique opportunity were offered for not only excellent research, but also innovation and increased business. To assure that the work done were both sustainable and coordinated, the regional authorities in HALOS enabled discussions, developed common strengths and initiated joint activities for education, innovation, researcher mobility and increase of industrial users to the region.

Bio-based materials and polymers | Medtech - Biomedical engineering | Pharma and Biotechnology

Offer / Action

Contact us to find out what HALOS is offering to promote academic and industrial research collaboration using X-ray and neutron based techniques within the Life Science field.

Contact HALOS to bring up questions relevant for the Life Science sector addressing the large scale facilities.


Kajsa M. Paulsson
Programme Leader
+46 46 222 41 67