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InfraLife is a national initiative to maximize life science research benefits of Sweden’s large scale research infrastructures; ESS, MAX IV and SciLifeLab, by facilitating access for sectors such as academia, industry and health care. The initiative partners with industrial organizations SwedenBIO and LIF, in collaboration with SWElife, MedTech4Health and Swedish MedTech.

Research and Infrastructure is a priority area in the Swedish Life Science strategy. With InfraLife, we aim to increase the use of Swedish research infrastructures, broaden the user base to represent a range of stakeholders and stimulate cross-sectoral collaboration, to address some of today’s grand challenges. These challenges require a collaborative and cross-disciplinary approach – where InfraLife aims to serve as a hub connecting stakeholders, displaying the potential of the advanced technologies and making these unprecedented tools accessible to be utilized in addressing complex research questions.

The InfraLife Hub aims to improve the knowledge, availability and user base of unique technologies and services offered by the three infrastructures. It will also create opportunities for tech development, transfer and innovation with industry.

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Offer / Action

Contact us for more information about what InfraLife is offering to promote academic and industrial research collaboration using the techniques offered at the respective infrastructures within the life science field.

MAX IV: National infrastructure providing the world’s most brilliant X-ray source for research with specialized beamlines offering a wide range of experimental options to researchers to study both soft and hard matter.

SciLifeLab: National infrastructure supporting projects from all walks of life science providing access to a range of pioneering technologies in molecular biosciences. SciLifeLab offers use of more than 40 infrastructures distributed from Malmö to Umeå with dedicated staff scientists, which can offer support throughout the experimental process – from study design to data handling.

ESS: European multi-disciplinary research facility based on the world’s most powerful neutron source, which will open the field of life sciences to neutrons and make an entirely new set of scientific experiments possible. User programme begins in 2023.