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InStreams Hub

University of Oulu
University of Oulu, Finland


InStreams Hub is an inorganic circular economy research community at University of Oulu, Finland. It focuses on cross-disciplinary inorganic materials research and engineering and the management and utilisation of inorganic side streams. We develop sustainable value chains and provide research-based information to support decision-making.

InStreams Hub consists of the following themes:
- Sustainable materials processing
- Inorganic energy materials
- CO2-conscious materials for construction
- Advanced materials characterisation
- Preventing environmental contamination
- Value streams and productisation

Over 100 researchers from Faculties of Technology and Science are working around these themes. We have high interest to put scientific research into practice providing research-based information for continuous cross-border cooperation, between companies and research institutes.
Novel imaging and characterisation methods enable multidisciplinary research of inorganic materials. We use local and international state-of-the-art methodologies on characterisation of physical and chemical properties of inorganic materials and processes aiming at efficient use of resources and minimisation of waste. The exact in-situ characterisation of raw materials and end products, as well as profound fundamental understanding of the behaviour of materials in operating conditions, are at the core of our research. We promote the use of synchrotron radiation techniques in advanced materials characterisation and have expertise in various X-ray based spectroscopic and imaging methods. Local facilities at Center of Materials Analysis at University of Oulu include e.g. STEM, FE-SEM-EDS-EBSD, GDOES, XPS, XRD, FIB, etc.

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Offer / Action

Contact us for:

  • Collaboration projects (joint applications, research projects, etc.)
  • Proprietary research and development
  • Consultation
  • Synchrotron radiation and advanced characterization expertise

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