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Copenhagen, Denmark


LINX is a valuable and innovative facilitator of collaboration between universities and industry within the area of neutrons and X-ray technology. We create an ecosystem to utilize advanced neutron- and X-ray techniques to facilitate understanding and development of new materials, processes and biological systems. LINX makes businesses, institutions, facilities and geographies around it, stand out as prosperous and attractive for partners and members to engage with. Our network centers around applied research questions of industrial and commercial relevance as well as advances in basic science.

Aeronautics and Automotive | Bio-based materials and polymers | Chemistry and Catalysis | See more tags

Offer / Action

The LINX Association offers a platform for Linking Industry to Neutrons and X-rays. LINX is the focal point for creating commercial value through innovative material science solutions based on advanced neutron & X-ray technology in collaboration with facilities, such as MAX IV, ESS and XFEL. We focus on solving real world industry challenges. We will strive to increase industry engagement and lower barriers to entry to such technologies by providing working networks, leadership and communication of the possibilities.