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Lund Institute of Advanced Neutron and X-ray Science


We are dedicated to becoming the nucleus for national and international scientific activities in Science Village Scandinavia situated between MAX IV and ESS.
Swedish LINXS develops a national competence centre, research networking hub and think tank for the education of future generations of neutron source and synchrotron users.
The institute works with a stream of highly motivated world-leading scientists who are invited for short-term focused topical research visits in the spirit of other advanced studies institutes, such as the Kavlí institute for theoretical physics and the Santa Fe institute. We also offer a place to work, meet and collaborate in connection with experiments at MAX IV and ESS.

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Offer / Action

LINXS offers a place, network, resources for activities and links to competence and education for both new and advanced users. These focus on specific research questions or methods. LINXS also has significant involvement from industrial and private sector researchers who wants to dig deeper into how synchrotron and neutron-based techniques and methods can help them in their own work and R&D.