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Microstructure Physics


Our research is focused on understanding the microstructure formation and evolution, and the mechanisms behind deformation and fracture processes in structural materials, primarily for demanding high-temperature environments. We aim to provide quantitative data regarding these processes and contribute to the development of multi-scale modelling approaches to describe the phenomena. We develop and use methods for in-situ characterization of phase transformations and micro-mechanics in bulk materials, thin films and interfaces with the help of electron microscopes and X-ray/neutron scattering techniques.

Construction Materials | Industrial production and Manufacturing | Metallurgy and Mining | See more tags

Offer / Action

Contact us for research projects, collaborations and consultations including sample environments, sample preparation and access to lab SAXS instrument. We also offer expertise on the NanoMAX in-situ nanoindenter, including possibilities to directly replicate in-situ indentation experiments in electron microscopes.


Magnus Hörnqvist Colliander
Research leader