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NextBioForm – New characterization methods for biologics and drug formulations


In life science, the research using synchrotrons and neutron facilities has been more focused on active molecules than finished formulated products. Thus, there are both a need for new sample environments to meet the needs when studying complex formulations, and cases that demonstrate how these facilities can be used in industrial formulation research. Neutron and photon user facilities can provide the biopharmaceutical research industry with methods and modeling techniques to help understand the properties of complex drug formulations. Here, we use large scale research infrastructure (LSRI) such as MAXIV to understand the complex science that governs stability in biologics.
The NextBioForm centre has 18 partners distributed in academia, institute, industry and hospital.

Bio-based materials and polymers | Chemistry and Catalysis | Industrial production and Manufacturing | See more tags

Offer / Action

NextBioForm offers a centre for formulation and processing of biologics.

Contact us for

  • access to our network of experts in formulation and X-ray and neutron based techniques
  • industry-related research and collaboration