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DESY, Hamburg


P03 offers small- and wide-angle X-ray scattering (SAXS / WAXS). Exploiting the low emittance of the PETRA III source, P03 provides micro- and nanofocused X-ray beams with energies in the range 9-21 keV.
P03 is the microfocus small- and wide-angle X-ray scattering beamline μSAXS/WAXS at PETRA III. This beamline exploits the excellent photon beam properties of the low emittance source PETRA III to provide micro- and nanofocused beams with ultra-high intensity and resolution in real and reciprocal space. Among the novel methods that exploit perfectly the most-brilliant beam, are μGISAXS and μSAXS tomography, as well as their expansion to nanosized beams. The beamline offers dedicated micro- and nano-focus endstations being both dedicated to transmission as well as grazing incidence experiments.

The strong focus on materials science at P03 is best demonstrated by the wide range of experiments already performed with in situ sample
environments: various thin film deposition, stretch and relaxation processes, even with a high time resolution down to 1 millisecond, a cryostream for temperature control, magnetic and electric field application, a nanoindentation apparatus and a high pressure cell for measurements at high hydrostatic pressure – all of these methods were successfully combined with the high spatial resolution provided by
micro- and nanofocused beam.

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