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Large-scale Infrastructure

P07 – High Energy Materials Science Beamline (HEMS)

German Engineering Materials Science Center


HEMS/P07 is tunable in the range 30 to 200 keV, and optimized for micrometer focusing with Compound Refractive Lenses (CRLs). HEMS covers the field of materials science from fundamentals (DESY) to engineering (GEMS), including in-situ experiments for the study of processes. HEMS provides three independent experimental hutches (EH2, EH3 and EH4) working alternately.

The Test Facility EH1 consists of versatile set-ups for general testing and in-house research, running parallel to the main beam. It is in high demand for quick access diffraction experiments of all kinds and also serves an educational purpose by offering student tutorials.

EH2 is operated by DESY. It is equipped with a versatile diffractometer for up to 300 kg for the study of buried interfaces. A tilt monochromator enables structural investigations of free liquid surfaces.

EH3 satisfies the engineering community for handling large and heavy samples or sample environments (welding and fatigue-loading machines, furnaces, cryostats). The high photon brilliance at HEMS facilitates in-situ investigations of structural transformations during manufacturing processes.

In EH4, set-ups for multi-grain diffraction methods (3DXRD) and micro-tomography are available. The tomography station is identical to the one at the Imaging Beamline (P05) which operates in a complementary energy range.

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