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P61.A – Beamline for White Beam Engineering Materials Science (WINE)

German Engineering Materials Science Centre (GEMS)


P61A is optimized for residual stress analysis near surfaces and in the bulk. Other important techniques are phase analysis or texture analysis.

On scattering experiments, data collection is done by two independent energy dispersive detectors positioned in a detector portal. Both detectors are equipped with slit collimators that define a gauge volume fixed in space. Scattering measurements at P61A can be done either in reflection or in transmission geometry.

In reflection geometry, peaks from different hkl families are measured simultaneously at different energies on a fixed scattering vector direction. Since each energy has a different absorption coefficient, a probing depth can be assigned to each peak collected, which can be uniquely used to study near surface stress and microstructural gradients. In transmission geometry, the incident and diffracted beam slits can be adjusted to define a gauge volume whithin the measured material, allowing three-dimensional mapping of the microstructure.

P61A is equipped with two sample positioning devices: A small Eulerian cradle is used for small samples and has the necessary degrees of freedom for stress and texture analysis; it can be equipped with furnaces. A Heavy load diffractometer can support weights up to 600 kg and can be fitted with a suite of large sample environments, including Selective Laser Melting machines, motorized welding platforms, dilatometers, etc.

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