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SWERIM is a leading industrial research institute within the mining, steel, and metallic materials, offering solutions to improve different steps of the production process and matching all the way to addressing product users’ challenges. SWERIM has built a strong competence within the advanced photon and neutron-base technologies to help Swedish metal industry access and use large scale infrastructure research facilities such as MAX IV, ESS, P21 @Petra III. The technology experts are located in Lund as well as Kista, Stockholm to be in close contact with both industrial clients and research facility staff to assist the metal industry of Sweden with designing, preparing, and conducting experiments as well as post-processing and analyzing the data. SWERIM also offers seminars and courses to share the knowledge, increase the competence of industrial researchers, and promote the use of large scale research facilities within Sweden.

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Get access to our experts who are specialized within different techniques, and characterization methods for metallic materials and corrosion studies.

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