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European Spallation Source


T-REX will probe mainly single crystals of low-dimensional, topological, and frustrated materials, quantum magnets, high-temperature superconductors, multifunctional oxides, molecular magnets, and functional materials, such as catalysis metals, ion-transport materials, fuel cell membranes, nanomaterials, thermo-electric and magneto-caloric materials. These have potential societal applications in fields such as sustainable energy solutions, minimizing pollution, and water purification.

In order to achieve this, the spectrometer T-REX will measure a wide dynamic range with good wave-vector resolution and polarization analysis over the energy transfer range from 20 µeV to 140 meV. The instrument will support different configurations to match the expected flexibility and versatility requested by the wide user community. Measurements will be supported in two modes, using polarized and non-polarized neutrons. In particular, polarized neutrons will enable the separation of the magnetic spectra from nuclear scattering, the analysis of polarization and eigenvectors of magnetic excitations and permit the separation of coherent and nuclear spin incoherent scattering, which is of particular importance for hydrogen-containing samples in energy research, soft matter, and life sciences. Spectroscopy using non-polarized neutrons in the wide dynamical range offered by T-REX will enable the investigation of coherent excitations, spin correlations and fluctuations, relaxations, and diffusion processes in a broad range of samples and applications.

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