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Tailor-made for SMEs Trans-national Access



CALIPSOplus, with TamaTA, will allow SMEs access to European light sources and to carry out a full experiment. To facilitate the access and to reduce costs, a remote access based on sample mail-in without physical presence of the industrial researcher at the facility. In this way researchers from SMEs, normally with very tight budgets, will have the same access opportunities independently of their location within Europe and with respect to the light source. In addition, for non-expert SMEs, basic support for data analysis and interpretation will be offered.
The access will be based on a light weight review system for SMEs in parallel to the established academic access route but following the same principles. The SME proposals will be evaluated by an independent selection panel composed of experts in industrial research. The SME researchers will prepare the proposals describing the experiment to be performed and the facilities will provide advice. Applications for access will be submitted to a central entry point on the wayforlight portal. The proposal confidentiality will be kept during the whole process.
Access by SME users will be offered in a coordinated way by the following light sources: ALBA, KIT-SYNCHROTRON, ELETTRA, ESRF, DESY, DIAMOND, XFEL, MAX IV, PSI and SOLEIL.

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