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Laboratory & Lab instruments

XEUSS 3.0 X-ray scattering instrument

Malmö University
Biofilms - Research Center for Biointerfaces


The XEUSS 3.0 X-ray scattering instrument is especially suited for characterising the overall size and shape as well as the internal structure of biomolecules, nanoparticles and liquid crystalline phases including those made out of lipids and fats. The instrument allows studies of liquid samples as well as gels in temperature- and humidity-controlled environments. Moreover, thin film structures can be characterised in situ via its grazing-incidence reflection geometry.
Besides basic research within the fundamental understanding of structure and assembly pathways, the XEUSS 3.0 is suited for application-driven samples suchas in drug delivery, drug formulation and biomaterials. A particularity of this system is that it enables to prepare and complement experimental campaigns at synchrotrons such as MaxIV. First, the simple accessibility to the laboratory instrument enables measurements just in time, for quality checks during synthesis protocols as well as for complementary information on unique samples from other experimental campaigns. Second, usage of complex sample environments such as humidity control require long setup and data collection times, which can more easily be performed in the laboratory than at synchrotrons. Finally, the XEUSS 3.0 offers great opportunities to start projects and collect preparatory data to justify applications for grants and measurement time.

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The XEUSS 3.0 X-ray scattering instrument gives simultaneous access to small-angle and wide-angle scattering and also have range of advanced sample environments.