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    MAXESS SmiLe: SMEs to LSRI

    Foto: Jenny Leyman

    We have released a methodology map how we guided SMEs to Large Scale Research Infrastructure, check it out here (in Swedish).

    It will be easier for life science companies to conduct experiments at Sweden’s unique research facilities, MAX IV and ESS. In a collaboration, the life science incubator SmiLe, Science Village Scandinavia AB and the research facilities are joining together in the development of a platform within the MAXESS framework.

    The two-year project, which is co-funded by the European Union and Region Skåne, will help support product development at startup and growth companies in Skåne. The project partners expect to reach out to about 50 life science startup and growth companies in Skåne. By increasing awareness of the capacity and opportunities of the facilities, the project will strengthen life science companies in Skåne.

    The project includes education and preparations for companies from the SmiLe community to conduct experiments at MAX IV and, in the future, at ESS. SmiLe and its partner companies will then serve as an entry environment for other life science companies that want to conduct similar studies. Experiments at the research facilities require extensive preparations and expertise, which is where SmiLe’s laboratories will play a key role. The companies will also receive help after the experiments with analysis of the extensive quantity of data that are generated.

    Ebba Fåhraeus, CEO of SmiLe Incubator, says: ”The project is important so that more life science companies will understand the opportunities that the unique facilities offer in drug development. SmiLe will be a natural entry environment here. Our laboratories and experts are important pieces of the puzzle in what we can jointly offer the companies to help them before, during and after experiments at MAX IV and ESS.”

    Pia Kinhult, Head of Host state relations, ESS, says: ”This advanced technology is particularly important for life science, which is why it is exciting that we can now begin working with MAX IV to increase knowledge and direct contact with the companies.”

    Marjolein Thunnissen, Life Science Director, MAX IV, says: ”The project will provide improved opportunities for small businesses to access major infrastructure facilities, as well as an opportunity for us to improve our procedures so that we can better help and reach the businesses.

    Christian Lindfors, CEO, Science Village Scandinavia AB, says: “It will be interesting to see whether this project can be developed into a national entry environment to the research facilities. We see a great need to create clear pathways for the business community to enter the ecosystem in and around Science Village.”

    MAXESS aims to establish a unique national arena for industrial use and leveraging of large-scale research infrastructure in Sweden – MAX IV and ESS – as well as other international infrastructures with Swedish involvement.

    Are you a life science company looking for an entry point into world leading large scale laboratories? Contact us here here.